François Morellon la Cave (1696-1768), after Louis Fabritius Dubourg (1693-1775)

[Antique title page, 1734] Aloude Hollandsche histori der keyzeren, koningen, hertogen en graaven, published 1734, 1 p.

Frontispiece of Gerard van Loon’s (1683-1758): ‘Aloude Hollandsche histori der keyzeren, koningen, hertogen en graaven; welken, sedert de komst der Batavieren in het thans genaamde Holland, tot de herstelling van ‘sgraaven Florents den eerstens zoon, aldaar het hooggebied gehad hebben.’ published in The Hague by Pieter de Hondt.

Allegory in which History, sitting on the clouds, is crowned by Fame; Father Time offers to History an opened roll. Cherubs play with the attributes of the represented allegories.

Signed and dated at bottom:: ‘ L.F.D.B. inv. / F. Morellon la Cave sculp. 1734.’

Etching on paper; total: 392 x 245 mm; some light rubbing on the margins, a very small fold on the bottom, otherwise in very good condition.

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