Court, Pieter de la

Sinryke Fabulen, Verklaart en Toegepast Tot alderley Zeede-lessen, Dienstig om waargenoomen te werden in het Menschelijke en Burgelijke leeven. Amsterdam, Hieronymus Sweerts, 1685.

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Pieter de la Court (1618-1685) was an outspoken character in the Dutch political scene of the seventeenth century. As a follower of Johan de Wit (1625-1672), de la Court became unpopular when the republican experiment backfired. Sinryke Fabulen was a great opportunity for him to carry out his political ideas disguised as fables. This book is a beautiful example of the synergy between fable literature and Dutch emblematic structure. The stories each contain a picture, a Latin motto and a moral explanation. Other copies available: Sinryke Fabulen. Amsterdam, Hieronymus Sweerts, 1685. (Title page not coloured) Code: 24.718 (B0075) € 900,-

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