Hendrick Goltzius (1558-1617) after Johannes van Straet (1523-1605)

[Antique print, engraving, ca. 1577] The Four Last Things (set title)/ Het Laatste Oordeel , published ca. 1577, H. Goltzius, 4 pp.


Complete set of four engravings after Johannes Stradanus. Outstanding conditions. Round plates of 260 mm diameter, preserved borders.

1. THE RASING OF THE DEAD [Matt. 24:31] Christ sits on the cloud amongst Saints while the angels are awakening the dead with their trumpets. The dead arise from the ground. Signed on the bottom ‘Ioha Strada inuent. / Phls Galle Excu’;

2. THE SEPARATION OF THE BLESSED AND THE DAMNED [Matt. 25:32] Christ seated on the clouds amongst Saints, an Angel beneath with raised hands separates the blesseds upon the left and the damned to the right, tormented by monsters. On the bottom ‘Johannes Stradanus inventor. / Phls Galle Excud’;

3. THE ASSUMPTION OF THE BLESSED INTO HEAVEN [Matt. 13:43] The blessed are raised towards the sky, where Christ sits amongst his Saints. Signed on the bottom left ‘Ioha Stradanus inuen / Henricus Goltz / Sculp.’;

4. THE DESCENT OF THE DAMNED INTO HELL [Matt. 25:30] The damned are forced into hell, tormented by monsters. Signed bottom left: ‘Iohannus / Stradanus Inue’, bottom center:’Phls Galle Excud.’

Engraving on paper, wide margins; plates measure 260 mm in diameter. 1. total 273 x 343 mm; 2. total 270 x 343 mm; 3. total 273 x 343 mm; 4. total 271 x 343 mm, all first states. New Hollstein 342-345.

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