Hendrick Goltzius (1558-1617) after Polidoro [Caldara] da Caravaggio (1499-1543)

[Antique print, engraving, 1592] Two Sibyls / Twee sibillen, published 1592, 1 p.

Two standing sibyls, one holding a roll of paper, the other a book.

Latin text at bottom naming Polidoro as designer and Goltzius as engraver: ‘Du[a]e Sybill[a]e Rom[a]e extra portam S. Angeli, a Polidoro… ab Hgoltzio ibidem effigiat[a]e et Calcographa arte culpt[a]e’.

On the verso collector’s mark of J. E. Wetterauer (L.3183) and another unidentifiable mark.

Engraving on paper with small margins; plate mark: 242 x 163 mm, total: 253 x 172 mm; state II/3; tiny foxing on the mantel of the sibyl on the right otherwise in outstanding conditions, in passepartout; New Hollstein 323, Bartsch 248, Strauss 297.

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