[Optica print] Prospectus Horti deliciarum Axariani.

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An illuminated and hand coloured optical view of a garden in St. Petersbourg (Sint Petersburg, Rusland, Russia, Sovjet Unie). The garden has arcades with caryatids and statues on both sides. Trees stand between these columns. Various men and women roam through the garden. In the distance a fenced courtyard is portrayed. The print is illuminated by small holes and figures which are punched through the paper. At the back of the print we see that the holes are covered with see-through paper. Some of the perforated holes are coated with yellow, pink, green and red paint. This gives the illusion of coloured lights when the print is held in front of a light source. The illumination of the courtyard in the distance has influence on the perspective of the print. (Sint Petersburg).

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