Huquier, Gabriel (1730-1805)

La grande rue de Napels (mirrored)

Huquier fils., Paris ca. 1750-1800 300 x 445 mm Etching/engraving/watercolour Vue Perspective de la grande rue de Napels; a Paris chés Huquier fils, Graveur, rue St. Jacques, au dessus de celle dea Mathurins, au Cd. St. Remy. Pasted onto cardboard. Black tape surrounding the sides. This is normally done for the illumination of prints, but this is not an illuminated print. Some browned spots in the upper margin. Print slightly discoloured. Good to fair state.

Hand coloured optical view of a street in Naples, Italy. The street is lined with large baroque buildings. In the distance the harbour is visible. On the street inhabitants walk around a merchants sell their goods.

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