Escutcheon bearing the coat of arms of the Slingervoet Ramondt family.

Netherlands, 19th century. Oil on paper, framed in an impressive gilt metal frame. The image is in bad condition: dust/water stained, discoloured and damaged. The frame is oxydated. The Slingervoet Ramondt family brought forward several artists (Karel Slingervoet Ramondt 1939-1978) and authors (Joh. Egb. Slingervoet Ramondt (1841-1884), mayor of Blokzijl and author of several books), as well as scientists (Ir. A. Slingervoet Ramondt, who became honorary member of the Dutch Royal Chemistry organisation in 1938). This last mentioned member of the family is also known as a result of the admiration of Harry Mulisch, famous Dutch author, for his scientific work. The family name seems to originate from the early 19th century. H051

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