Legh, Gerard

The accedens of Armory.

London, R. Totell, 1562. 12o, 19th century full leather. Some writing in ink on the title page, a few annotations in the margins. Cut short, with some loss. Exlibris of Daniel de Bruin. (18)+464 (numbered 1-232) + (6) pag. Illustrated with a woodcut title (coat-of-arms partly hand coloured), 2 full page woodcuts in the text and numerous woodcuts of coats-of-arms in the text. This first edition does not have the folding Hercules plate. Gerard Legh (?-1563) produced only one publication, of which this is the first edition (later editions 1568, 1572, 1576, 1591, 1597, and 1612). This indicates the wide popularity of the book, probably the most read heraldic work in the 16th century. It is written in form of a colloquy between ‘Gerarde the Herehaught and Legh the Caligat Knight.’ Richard Argall of the Inner Temple supplied a prefatory address and probably part of the latter passages of the book. In endeavouring to explain the art of heraldry, Legh is purposely obscure from fear of trenching on the official privileges of the College of Arms. The work supplies what appears to be a portrait of Legh himself in the fictitious character of ‘Panther Herald’. The author died of the plague on 13 October 1563, and was buried on the 15th at St. Dunstan-in-the-West, where a monument was erected to his memory. H79

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