Verkolje, Nicolaas (1673-1746) after Houbraken, Arnold (1600-1719)

Portrait of Jacob Moelaert (1649-c. 1727)

Portrait of Jacob Moelaert (1649-c. 1727) dilettante painter, art collector schilder, pupil of Nicolaes Maes; history and portrait painter. Here the artist is portrayed at a window with an opened album of prints and drawings in front of him, holding a large print in his hands. A skull resting on the window still beside him. Hanging on the wall in the background paintings and tools for painting and printing. Inscription at the bottom by Jakob Zeeus; signed on the bottom left: ‘A. Houbraken Inv.’ and on the bottom right: ‘N. Verkolje fecit’.

Mezzotint on paper with some margin; plate mark: 261 x 190 mm, total: 281 x 206 mm; state III/3; on the verso traces of previous mounting; in good conditions; Wurzbach 6, Nagler 1, Muller 3667

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