Gerard de Lairesse (1641-1711)

[Antique print, etching, Lairesse] Britannia oppressa per Arausionensium Principem liberata et restaurata (Oppressed Britannia liberated and restored by the Prince of Orange), published ca. 1700.

William of Orange presents a Bible bound with seven seals to Britannia, an allegory of the restoration of the Protestant faith in Britain. William III is represented as a Roman hero, accompanied by the lion and by a page that carries the arms of the Low Lands. He approaches the bed where the young Britannia was lying, sick, and he offers her the Protestant Bible with seven seals (the true religion of the New Testament). The head of the bed is decorated with English arms. Above the bed Truth is seated on the clouds. She is holding a sceptre and a mirror. The Divine Justice, represented by an angel playing the trumpet, is forcing a Jesuit and Mars with a broken sword to leave the scene. They represent the loss of the Roman Catholics in England. On the bottom a bas-relief representing Hercules being crowned by Fortune.

Lettered with the title along the bottom, followed by ‘Famam extendere factis, Hoc virtutis opus’ and in margin ‘per Gerardum de Lairesse inv. et sculp. et per Nicolaum Visscher edit. cum Priv. Ord. Gen. Belgii Foederati. nunc apud Ger. Valk.’ b

Willem III – Groot Britannie

Etching on paper with margins; plate mark: 656 x 438 mm, total: 723 x 517; state II/2; broad laid paper sheet with tears along he margins, in some points affecting the plate. Top right corner and middle region tear repaired on the back, some dirt and light foxing. Roy G.116, Atlas van Stolk, III. 238.

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