Boulonois, Edme de (active late 17th century)

Rombertus Dodonaeus Mechlini.

Portrait of Rembert Dodoens (1517-85), Flemish physician and botanist, also known under his Latinized name Rembertus Dodonaeus. His herbal ‘Cruydeboeck’ of 1554 was the most translated book after the Bible, used as a reference book for two centuries Published in Isaac Bullart’s ‘Académie des Sciences et des Arts’. Lettered on the bottom: ‘ROMBERTUS DODONAEUS MECHLINI / Ex Edme Boulonois fecit’.

Engraving on paper trimmed within platemark; total: 183 x 132 mm PP01D (Dodonaeus )/ black folders A-D [Boulonois]

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Excl. BTW  75,00


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