Le Bas, Jacques-Philippe (1707-1783) after Teniers II, David (1610-1690)

L’ENFANT PRODIGUE (The Prodigal Son) (Ets en Gravure van de verloren zoon).

Hand-colored combination of etching and engraving, representing an episode from the Worship of Luke, concerning the Prodigal Son. The young man is portrayed sitting at a table with two courtesans and the procuress, this latter conferring with one of the prostitutes. The scene is populated with other characters, like two musicians, one playing the fiddle and the other a transverse flute, and four other servants. The Prodigal son is reaching out to one of the pages who is pouring some wine in a glass. The scene takes place in front of an inn, beside a river. On the other bankside is a further scene from the parable: the Prodigal Son is kneeling beside a couple of pigs he is looking after.
At the bottom, in the middle, the coat of arms of the Comte Philippe de Noailles (1715-1794). In 1725 he was invested with the Spanish title, therefore the print must be dated to or after 1725. The original painting, realized in 1644, now at the Louvre (INV 1878) belonged then to the collection of Monsieur Augustin Blondel de Gagny (1695-1776). Signed on the bottom left: D. Tenier pinx, and on the right: Jac.Phil. Le Bas [Le Bas, Jacques-Philippe (1707-1783)]. Le Bas is also the publisher of the print, as from the inscription: ‘Par son tres humble Serviteur Jac.Ph.LE Bs Graveur du Cabinet du Roy.

Number on plate: ‘No.61’ cut out; lettered with names of producers, publication address: ‘AParis chez le Sr. Le Bas (…) rue de la Harpe’, title, dedication to the Count of Noailles, and inscription giving the provenance of the original painting.

The margins of the print are weak and were reinforced in the back with some tape.

Hand colored etching and engraving, trimmed to plate mark; total: 493 x 690 mm; small tears and damages along the most external margins, the impression with the colors is otherwise very charming. Some tearings repaired on verso with tape.

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