Wouter Verschuur II (1841-1936)

[Antique drawing] Military parade on horse (Militaire parade te paard), before 1936, 1 p.

The Dutch Royal Army on horse, playing trumpets. Beautiful sketch by artist Wouter Verschuur II. Possibly from the first two decades of the twentieth century.

Very interesting are the two half-figures on the opposite corners of the drawing: they are detailed renderings of two of the soldiers, the outmost external ones, on the right and on the left. The artist took good care in representing such details as the fur of the headgear and the instrument played.

Sketch in pen and brown ink on brownish paper. Traces of pencil; pasted on cardboard; later signature on cardboard; in passe partout. Foxing on the cardboard. Drawing in good condition. On the left stains of glue. Total: 159 x 292 mm.

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