Velde, Jan van de II (c.1593-1641)

Ruins of Brederode castle [Set title: Amenissimae aliquot regiunculae…]/Ruine van Bredero.

A print of the ruins of the Brederode castle. On the right a shepherd plays the shawm (schelmei), a musical instrument that is a double-reed wind instrument of Middle Eastern origin, a precursor of the oboe an instrument. Numbered at the bottom and at the top, ‘2’ and ‘3’ respectively.

Etching on paper, with some margins; plate mark: 120 x 187 mm, total: 155 x 233 mm, state II/2; ‘Pro Patria watermark’; Hollstein 257, Fr. 296.

Incl. BTW  302,50

Excl. BTW  250,00

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