Sytzama, Clara Feyoena van Raesfelt, geb. van

Heemse. Hof- bosch- en veldzang. In vier zangen. Utrecht, Wed. J. van Schoonhoven, 1783.

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Period Made: 1750-1800


Bundle of poems by Clara Feyoena van Sytzama (Leeuwarden 1729 – Heemse 1807). In 1750, the poetesss married nobleman and war official Isaac Reinder, baron of Raesfelt. In 1753, the couple moved into his property in Heemse near Hardenberg (Overijssel), which Clara Feyoena would not leave until her death. Although the absence of an intellectual community in her place of residence gave her very little inspiration, she started writing again when she met Arnout Vosmaer (1720-1799), head of the art and nature cabinets of stadtholder Willem V. Around 1774 she wrote this bundle of poems, attributed to her two grandchildren: Reinhart Izaak and Maria Clara, who she raised after the passing of her daughter. Although the book is dated in 1774, it first appeared in 1783. That could certainly have been influenced by the critique that fellow scholar Arnout Vosmaer had presented upon an earlier version by her request. As opposed to her many predecessors in this genre, van Sytzama has incorporated many personal elements in her poetry, and also stretched her description beyond the edges of the garden; also the forests and fields are sung of. L3489