Roberts, Piercy (fl. 1795-1824) after Woodward, George Moutard (ca. 1765-1809)

[Hand colored etching/Handgekleurde ets] A sailor sitting for his miniature/Zeeman poseert.

An artist (likely a portrait of Woodward), wearing a flowered dressing-gown, is sitting in profile to the right, at a desk, painting on a small oval a bust portrait of a sailor who sits opposite to the artist, smoking a pipe. The sailor looks quite angry or grumpy. He wears a hat, a jacket, striped trousers and buckled shoes. On his cheek is a round black patch. Five lines at the top report the words of the sailor: “Come my Hearty – mind what you are at – make good use of your Eyes – you know the terms on which I set sail – ten golden quids if you come to Anchor in ten minutes – but a minute beyond time, and you have but five you know, so heave a head do you hear – and lay in plenty of the true-blue about the jacket, – and Harkee Young-one – don’t forget the beauty spot on the lar-board side of my Cheek – Poll calls it her hearts delight, – well this same painting is a fine knack to be sure – but I am rather puzzled about one thing – If you can get my hulk, head, and stern into that there little bit of ivory – [missing text] I think you would be able to tow a seventy-four through one of the cock boat Arches of London Bridge.” Signed below: “Woodward delin. / Etch’d by Roberts” and just above: “Pub.d. Jan.ry XXXX [text crossed out in the plate] T. Tegg III Cheaprde”. Titled below: “A SAILOR sitting for his MINIATURE”. Address below cut out. Date of print 1807.

Hand colored etching on paper, trimmed within plate; total: 250 x 331 mm; as mentioned a portion of text is missing, as a hole was carved on the paper, probably on purpose (the original text was: “ivory – d——n me, but”…). Despite some dirt and damages along the margins, in good condition. Very charming.

Incl. BTW  169,40

Excl. BTW  140,00