Woensel, Joan Pieter van (1789-1827)

Etching/ets: Three busts of Roman commanders (drie bustes van Romeinse aanvoerders).

Three busts of Roman commanders with inscription below identifying them: “HAMILCAR / MILTIADES / HANNIBAL.” Signed below: “J.P.V.W. fecit.”. Curiously, another print by amateur etcher Princess Charlotte of Wales (1796-1817) looks to have the same source for the “Hannibal” bust. Probably, they shared the same source as they were made at the roughly the same time.
It is also worth mentioning that Joan Pieter van Woensel was a Dutch officer of the Genius and Knight in the Military Order of Willem (12 May 1823 for the construction of the fortifications at the Dutch southern border). Johan Pieter van Woensel served as a lieutenant and captain in the Dutch and French army from 1808 to 1814 and died as a Dutch colonel.

Etching on paper with margins, plate mark: 130 x 194 mm, total ca: 165 x 237 mm; in outstanding condition. The Hague, made between 1800-1850.

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