Moens, Petronella; Adriana van Overstraten

Esther, in vier boeken. Haarlem, Adriaan Loosjes Pz., 1786.

8º (19,7×12,4cm): * 4(*1+pi1) †4 (-†1,4) A-F 8 G 4 (G4 blanco), gepag.: [2] 8 [4] 102 pp.
Half linen binding. Of the †-quire, the first and fourth leaf are missing. Engraved title page with vignette.
Lit: De Vries, ‘Dichten is zilver, zwijgen is goud; vrouwen in letterkundige genootschappen, 1772-1800’, in: De Achttiende Eeuw 31 (1999), p. 187-213; Van Gemert, ‘Petronella Moens. De blinde verlichte’, in: Met en zonder lauwerkrans (Amsterdam 1997); Veltman-van den Bos, Petronella Moens (Nijmegen 2000); NNBW II, 931; F & vd B p.523; over Van Overstraten: Van Gemert, ‘Adriana van Overstraten. Bergen-op-Zoomse magistraatsdochter’, in: Met en zonder lauwerkrans (Amsterdam 1997); NNBW IV, 1051; F & vd B p.582 Veltman-van den Bos p.444.

Biblical epic on Jewish queen Esther, the wife of Persian king Ahasveros, who managed to save her people from downfall. This epic in the style of Hoogvliet’s ‘Abraham de Aartsvader’ and Van Merken’s ‘David’, was the first result of poetic cooperation between Petronella Moens (Kubaard, bij Franeker 1762 – Utrecht 1843) and Adriana van Overstraten (Bergen op Zoom 1756 – Bergen op Zoom 1828). Who has contributed which parts to ‘Esther’, is unknown. They attributed their work to the leaders of both the Portugese and the Ashkenazi synagogue in Amsterdam. The Portugese Jews rewarded that gesture with a large gold medal. The nearly blind Moens and her best friend Van Overstration would publish various more works after that, among which also a second biblical poem, this time regarding Ruth. From the middle of the 80s onwards, the two patriotic poetesses were made members of a growing number of poets societies, which allowed them to grow into icons of modern, patriotic engagement (Marleen de Vries). De Vries: they engaged themselves passionately with the world of poetry. They promoted the establishment of a climate in which participation of women in literature and the informal political debate became more natural. L2595

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