Post, Elisabeth Maria

Women literature 1790 I Post: Voor eenzaamen. 2e druk. Amsterdam, Johannes Allart, 1790.

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Bundle of poems and fragments of prose by Elisabeth Maria Post (Utrecht 1755 – Epe 1812). After a difficult childhood, Post moved to Arnhem with her family where her creativity was sparked by a circle of preachers that her brother was in. With Ahasuerus van den Berg as her mentor, she published her first novel, ‘Het Land’ (art. nr. 17784), in 1788. A year later, she published this bundle of poems. He also recommended her to a poets society in The Hague, although Post never became an active member. She had no knowledge or affinity with the classical art rules, which is why her poetry does not meet those regulations. Her best poems are devoid of rhyme and in a different metre than the obligated iambic. Post was thus the first author in Dutch literature to describe nature not according to literary conventions but as she observed it herself. L2931

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Period Made: 1750-1800