Merken, Lucretia Wilhelmina van

David. In twaalf boeken. Amsterdam, Pieter Meijer, 1767. [On engraved title page 1766].

4º (26,2×20,4cm): pi1 * 2 A-3C 4 3D 2
Pagination: [6] + 395 + [1] pp. Half leather binding, spine is damaged and has come loose. Paper on front and back boards damaged. As for the rest, good copy on a large paper size. Ex libris of Bibliotheca J.W. Six pasted inside.Engraved title page by Simon Fokke. On typographical title page a vignette by J. van Schley (1761) and 12 plates by Fokke, which precede each book respectively.
Lit: Smit (Kalliope) II, p.601-620; Te Winkel V, p.391-408 Scheepers II, 225a

First of two epics that Lucretia Wilhelmina van Merken has written. A fine piece of poetry, W.A.P. Smit judges. According to him, it belongs to the three masterpieces of 18th century classicism, together with her other epic ‘Germanicus’, and ‘Abraham de aartsvader’ by Arnold Hoogvliet. His judgement is very enthusiastic compared to the indifferent assessment of Te Winkel, who was not impressed by Van Merken’s portrayal of the hero. This David was percieved by him as very vile and cunning. With that opinion, he agreed with the writer of pamphlet ‘De waare Held’, which appeard shortly after the second edition of ‘David’. The author, who signs with Paulatinus Philocalus’ presents the biblical king as a bloodthirsty, unfaithful, and treacherous war tyrant, as summarised by Smit. L2557

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