[Antique title page, 1661] V.C.B. D’Argentré Rhedonensis Provinciæ presidis, published 1661, 1 p.

Title page with lettering: ‘V.C.B. D’Argentré Rhedonensis Provinciæ presidis commentarij in patrias Britonum leges, seu Consuetudines generales antiquiss. Ducatus Britanniæ. In lucem editi cura et studio V.C. Caroli D’Argentré […] EDITIO SEPTIMA EMENDATISSIMA PLERISQUE…

Published in Paris by Jacques Dallin (15XX-167X). With the address of the publisher: ‘via Iacobæa, sub signo Sancti Stephani.’

Grand Coat of Arms of France and Navarre (from 1589 to 1790) at center.

Letterpress on paper, in red and black ink; total: 353 x 224 mm; mounted on cardboard mat; some rubbing; in good condition.

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