Seneca, Lucius Annaeus ; Seneca, Marcus Annaeus Rhetor

L. Annaei Seneca philosophi et M. Annei Seneca rhetoris, Quae extant opera. Ex officina Plantiniana, F. Raphelengius, 1609.

White leather binding, with on the front and back the family armor of emperor August von Saxen made in blind tooling. 135 x 80 mm, 24º: A-2S#12 (2S11,12 blanco), 980 pp. Title page with printer’s mark “Labore et Constantia.” Stamp on title page: “Bibl. Schol. Equest Reval.” Some underlining in text.

Edition without annotations of the collected works of father and son Seneca, with exception of the tragedies, which were already published by Frans Raphelengius Junior in 1601. Most pages in the book (over 700 pages) are reserved for the works of the philosopher Seneca (ca. 4 BC – 65 AC). The remaining 250 pages contain the ‘Declamationes’ by the father of the well-known Seneca, Seneca Maior (ca. 54 BC – 39 AC). This work is about the art of eloquence. The entire text is printed in two columns in a very small roman font, intended for educational purposes. The cover of the book is beautiful and this edition is extremely rare.

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