Romeyn de Hooghe (1645-1708)

[Antique print, etching and letterpress] L’Europe allarmée pour le fils d’un meunier, published 1689, 1 p.

Satirical print from the first years from the fall of Jacobus II. On the left foreground the prince in a crib on a table. On the left his natural mother with father Peters, on the right his second mother, the Queen who is talking to Jacobus II. Behind him Harlequin (Louis XIV) with his son (Dauphin). On the left the Quakers leaving to Pennsylvania. On the far background ships on the sea. Under the arch is an inscription: ‘HET WORD HIER NACHT.’ which translates: ‘It’s going to be night here’.

Etching with letterpress. Title right under the plate: ‘L’Europe Allarmée pour le fils d’un Meunier’.

Etching and letterpress on paper; total: 575 x 405 mm; evenly yellowed paper, quite damaged, traces of foldings rather visible: on the plate, on the very center, hole on the skirt of the seated allegory of Motherland, some lacunas along the external margins, top corners damaged; some stains and foxing on the plate and on the text region. M 2760; v. St 2746; L p. 218; Van Kuyk p. 27; Knuttel 13229.

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