François Collignon (1609-1687), after Stefano della Bella (1610-1664)

[Antique prints, etchings, 1639] Six marines [Eight Marines; set title]/Zes schepen, published 1639, 6 pp.

Very fine six prints from the series of eight etched by François Colignon after Stefano della Bella, published by François Langlois (il Ciartres).

On the first plate inscribed on the box carried by a man in the foreground: ‘Al Principe / D. Lorenzo di Toscana & / D. / et ser.v / Stefa della Bella’.

Numbered on the bottom right ‘1’. Harbor scene. Arms of the Medici family on the foreground left.

Plate nr. 2 depicts merchants standing on the right and on the left the lighthouse of Livorno. Monogrammed bottom left ‘SDB’ and numbered on the bottom right ‘2’.

Plate nr. 4 portion of a large ship on the right with men working at its covering, some figures in the foreground, other ships on the left. Numbered bottom right within the picture ‘4’.

Plate nr. 5 shows figures on the left leaving the shore with a small boat to reach a larger ship on the right. Monogrammed ‘SDB’ and numbered ‘5’ on the bottom right, on the left: ‘F.L.D. Ciartres excudit Cum Pr.’

Plate nr. 6 represents ships approaching the open sea. Signed on the bottom left:’F.L.D. Ciartres excudit Cum Pr.’ and numbered on the bottom right ‘6’.

Plate ‘7’ illustrates a naval fight with large ships and small rowing boats. Above left:’ F.L.D. Ciartres excudit Cum Pr.’ and numbered on the bottom right ‘7’.

Etching on paper, with very small margins; total: ca. 127 x 209 mm. State III/3. De Vesme p. 212-213.

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