Joost Amman (1539-1591)

[Antique print, etching, 1561/91] Portrait of Wenzel Jamnitzer, published ca. 1561-1591, 1 p.

Portrait of Wenzel Jamnitzer (1508-1585), goldsmith (goudsmid), engraver (graveur) and inventor (uitvinder) of mathematical instruments in Nuremberg (Neurenberg), at his working table. This portrait was possibly to be included in a never published book by Jamnitzer with his studies on perspective.

Etching on paper, trimmed within plate mark, total:  169 x 255 mm; pasted down on another sheet of paper; mounted on a passe-partout. In very good condition. Andresen 6, Becker 122, Hollstein 6.

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Excl. BTW  450,00

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