Jan Harmensz. Muller (1571-1628) after Lucas van Leyden (1494-1533)

[Antique print, engraving, ca. 1650] The Passion / De Passie [Complete set van 14 devotieprenten], ca. 1650, 14 pp.

Complete series of 14 prints, all deceptively copied after the original series by Lucas van Leyden (firstly published in 1521). 4th state of 4, published in Amsterdam by Clement de Jonghe (c. 1650).

The Amsterdam draftsman, printmaker and painter Jan Harmensz Muller (1571-1628) made many drawings and prints thoughout his life. Muller spent several years, from 1594 to 1602, in Naples and Rome before returning to Amsterdam to manage the publishing business he had inherited from his father Harmen Jansz Muller (1540-1617). Muller was trained by his father first and possibly had an apprenticeship in the workshop of Hendrik Goltzius in Haarlem. Though Muller made engravings after his own drawings, many were made after works by Haarlem Mannerists like Goltzius and others. The Passion was published by his own firm. Later the plates came into possession of the Amsterdam print dealer Cornelis Danckerts and finally Clement de Jonghe, who published the present copy of the series. 1) Last supper, signed on the bottom left with monogram ‘L’ and date ‘1421’; ‘JMuller excud.’ and on the right:’C. de Jonghe exc.’; 2) Christ in the Jetsemani garden, dated and monogrammed on the right bottom:’L 1421′; 3) the betrayal of Christ; …14) the Resurrection.

Engraving on paper with some margin; plate mark: ca. 116 x 16 mm; total: 123 x 81 mm; state IV/4; New Hollstein 42-55; Bartsch 43-56.

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