Willem de Haen (fl. ca. 1612-1620)

[Antique print, engraving] ANNONAE IMPORTATIO, published 1614.

On of a series of five plates describing the siege of Leiden on 3 October 1574 (Leids ontzet). In this plate soldiers enter the city via the canals on boats, handing food to the citizens that have gathered beside the canal. On the far right and left of the picture are two statues, one holding a tazza and the other weath.

Titled above in the sky: ‘ANNONAE IMPORTATIO.’

The set of prints was used in Orlers: ‘Beschrijving der Stadt Leyden’, 1614.

Engraving on paper with margins; plate mark: 166 x 262 mm, total: 185 x 285 mm; state I/3; evenly browned paper; top corners were employed for previous mountings; Hollstein 22-26; Muller 675, Th-Becker vol (15), nr. 434, Merlo p. 320, v. Stolk 537.

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