after Venne, Adriaen van de (1589-1662)

XIV. Op’t ghesicht van een Vinck-getouw (gezegde: op het vinkentouw zitten).

A woman standing under a tree, giving advice to a man who is about to capture several little birds (vinken) in his nest. Other men are coming from the hill on the other side to help in the hunt. Numbered and titled above: ‘XIV. Op’t ghesicht van een Vinck-getouw’; signed below in center: ‘A.V.V. Jn.’ From the collection of Works by J. Cats.

Engraving on paper; plate mark: 112 x 142 mm, total: 128 x 162 mm; in very good condition.

Incl. BTW  96,80

Excl. BTW  80,00