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[Wish card, New Year] Karremans Nieuwe-Jaars Zegewensch, published 1759, 1 p.

New year’s wish card, woodcut and letterpress published in Rotterdam in 1759. The card is dedicated to the citizens and the merchants living in Rotterdam. At the center a representation of one of the carts led by a horse and the men of the corporation handing the wishes to men and women in the city. Surrounding the text some portraits on the top of the page and coats of arms on the sides. Inscription above reading: ‘Karremans Nieuwe-Jaars Zegwensch / Aan alle Heeren, Kooplieden, Burgers en Inwoonders der Wyd-vermaarde / Koop-Stadt Rotterdam, voor het Jaar onzes Heere 1759.’ On the bottom address of the pulisher: ‘Te Rotterdam, gedrukt by Pieter van Bezooyen, Boekdrukker in de Westewagestraat. Met Privilegie.’ On the bottom of the page the text of a song in four couplets.

Broadside sheet, woodcut and letterpress on paper, laid down; total: 397 x 316 mm; in color, though fading, damages due to thin paper; further losses prevented with the laying down intervention. Bottom line with publisher’s address emphasized with black ink., probably due to fading.

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