Leclerc, Sébastien (1637-1714)

UTRECHT (gravure van de overwinning bij Utrecht door Lodewijk de 14e met maarschalk Turenne en Rochefort).

Rare copper engraving representing the siege of Utrecht by Louis XIV; in the foreground the marshall Turenne and the Marquese of Rochefort. The print is dated at the bottom of the inscription. The plate with etched text, likely, slipped towards the bottom, so much so that the inscription “UTRECHT” results to be outside the cartouche created for it. Such a mistake is repeated also in other impressions, therefore there might have been a mistake in the planning. Also the central plate overlaps with the external rococò frame. This is visible especially at the bottom.
The print is pasted down on very thick laid paper.

Etching and engraving on paper, trimmed to plate mark and pasted down on paper; total: 548 x 677 mm; some damp stains on the supporting paper, not affecting the plate.

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Excl. BTW  220,00

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