Hildebrandt, Marie [illustrator: Elliott, Harry]

Uit het land van Dickens. Vrij naar Jerome Doucet door Marie Hildebrandt, Amsterdam, van Holkema en Warendorf, n. d. [ca. 1908].

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The book contains six stories in which four middle aged friends tell each other tales about their view on humanity. The French illustrator Harry Eliott (Charles Edmond Hermet, 1882-1959), the original illustrator of the 'Pickwick Papers', works in a very clear style that, in an instant, takes you to the British countryside. Uit het land van Dickens is a free translation by the Dutch author Marie Hildebrandt (1881-1947) of the French book Le Petit Neveu de Charles Dickens (1907) by Jerome Doucet (1865-1957). B2345

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