Aveele, Johannes van den (c. 1655-1727)

[Antique print, etching, Utrecht, Disaster year, Rampjaar 1672] Het Afdancken der Regeerende Heeren [series title: Uytrechts Veranderingen Voorgevallen in de jaren 1672], 1 p.

Series of five pictures concerning the events occurred in Utrecht in the years 1672-74. The fourth representation (numbered in Roman number on the bottom right: IV) shows how after the departure of the French from the city in 1673, the count Hornes escorts the members of the town council out to the street. Above this representation is recalled how the city government had handed over the keys of the city to Louis XIV. Inscribed on the top: ‘Het Afdancken der regeerende Heeren… Hoogheyt deze Heeren’

Etching on paper; trimmed on platemark and pasted on larger laid paper; print: 165 x 240 mm; total: 315 x 325 mm. PH4F

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