Gole, Jacob (c. 1660-1724) after Dusart, Cornelis (1660-1704)

The sense of Touch (set: the five senses) (vijf zintuigen: voelen).

Allegory of the sense of touch: in an interior three peasants. A man seen from the back, is sitting on the right. Seated at a table is a young woman being roughly touched by an older man. His right hand is caressing her face while with the left he is trying to get into her shirt. Further on the left, an owl (uil) watches over the scene. On the table a cloth with some food and beverages. Signed below, on the left: ‘C.D. Inv. I Gole fec. et Exc. Cum Privil. Amstelodami’. State before lettering.

Mezzotint on paper, trimmed close to plate mark; total: 254 x 185 mm; state I/3; Hollstein 260-264 (before lettering). Staining especially towards the bottom, some details have been reworked in pencil, on verso some scribbling in pencil. Very charming impression.

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Excl. BTW  650,00

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