Jode, Pieter de (1570-1634)

St. Jerome

St. Jerome with his attributes in a rocky landscape: the Saint is sitting in the centre of the composition holding a stone against his heart, while looking at the sky. With his right hand he is pointing at the crucifix on the left. Towards the foreground on the same side of the plate a skull and the lion. On the right an ascending landscape. Inscribed on the bottom: “Petrus de Iode fecit et excud.”, below the picture margin: “Opprimit hic Carnem, mundum odit, tartara domat. / Inter speluncas spiritus astra petit. / Spectator Lacrimis discas acquirere risum. / Per planctum ad risum præbet imago viam.” Hollstein (Aegidius Sadeler, 92)

Engraving on paper; no margins, trimmed around the plate-mark and pasted on larger paper frame and eventually on thick paper; on the latter lower left corner hand written ink notes. PB01SS (Jerome)

Incl. BTW  145,20

Excl. BTW  120,00