[Bequignolle, Noël de?]

Rare, 1721, Origin of Evil | Sisteme nouveau de l’origine du mal. Fondé sur la consideration du mistere de la tres fainte & adorable trinité. Keulen, Pierre Marteau [: gedrukt in Nederland?] 1721.

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Pierre Marteau (French for Peter Hammer) was the imprint of a supposed publishing house. Allegedly located in Cologne from the 17th century onward, contemporaries were well-aware that such a publishing house never actually existed. Instead, the imprint was a fiction under which publishers and printers — in the Netherlands, France and Germany — evaded the open identification with books they published.

Literature: (on the Acta Eruditorum) see Laeven, A.H and L.J.M Laeven-Aretz, The authors and reviewers of the Acta Eruditorum 1682-1735 (2014).

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