after Teyler, Johannes (1648-1709)

Ships on a rough sea (Tekening van schepen op ruwe zee).

Drawing after the impressions a la poupé supervised by Johannes Teyler. Such details as the two ships in the distance on the right are clear references to the second state of the original print from which this drawing is copied. The pristine composition is a landscape-format plate, with rough sea and several sailing-boats towards the background. The ship copied in the drawing is the one represented on the right-hand side.

Also, in correspondence with the foam of the water, in the drawing on the bottom left, the use of small dots does recall the etched ones on the plate. Not signed. Similar watermarks on documents from the late seventeenth and the beginning of the eighteenth century.

Brush, brown ink over pencil on paper; total: 145 x 128 mm; watermark in the middle of the sheet: GR surmounted by a crown. New Hollstein, n. 156, p. 174-175

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