Moscherosch, Johann Michael (1601-1669), S. de Vries (translator)

Ses satyrische wondergesighten, nae den trant van Quevedos Spaensche Droomen: heeckelend de gemeene hedendaeghsche Gebreecken en Ondeughden, Amsterdam, Jan ten Hoorn, boeckverkooper over ’t oude Heeren Logement, 1680, (10)+684 pp.

Parchment binding (with small stains and discoloration), engraved frontispice of “helsche geesten saater”, red pen underlining of author of title page. Text in Dutch. The six visions are: A la Mode, Vrouwen-Lof, Wyven-heerschappij, Helsche-Geesten, Tover-Beecker en ’t Koop-Huys.With fullpage engravings for every chapter: between p 8-9, p. 144-145, p. 272-273, p. 380-381, p. 456-457 and p. 574-575. With this book about Visions Moscherosch initially set out simply to translate and somewhat rework the Dreams (1627) of Don Fransisco Gomez de Quevedo y Veillegas (1580-1645). The first of the visions are reasonably faithful to the original, but subsequent visions and later editions not only continually rework the language, making it more German, but add new material. The satirical visions hold a mirror up to the world with the intention not only of pointing out its errors but of demonstrating how it ought to be. (L.Tatlock, Seventeenth Century German Prose, Continuum, New York, p. 137-138).

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