Gillray, James (1777-1811)

Satricial print/Spotprent: The Westminster Elections (1807).

Two satirical prints on one page, representing related episodes in the British political history at the beginning of the nineteenth century. On the top the famous encounter between sir James Paull and Sir Francis Burdett that took place on 2nd May 1807 where both contestants were heavily wounded. As a consequence of the duel Burdett won the elections with Lord Cochrane with 5,134 and 3,708 votes respectively, while Paull obtained only 269.
The other print below: the election.
Plate from a publication, numbered above to the right: N. XII, the two representations are respectively named as A and B.

Hand-colored etching on paper, total: 368 x 236 mm; folded in two, a crease in the middle and traces of foldings, on verso traces of former mounting and some tiny tears repaired. Date of publishing: London, 1807.

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