Harrewijn, François (1700-1764)

Ets en gravure/Etching and engraving: St. Peter preaching (Apostel Petrus bidt en nodigt aanwezigen uit om gedoopt te worden).

Illustration of a passage from the Act of Apostles: Peter preaching and inviting the listeners to get baptized. Inscribed at bottom: “Poenitentiam agite: Salvamini a generatione ista prava Act. C. 2. V. 38.40”. Signed on bottom left: “Harrewijn fecit.”

Etching and engraving on paper, with some margin: plate mark: 80 x 148 mm, total: 99 x 184 mm; mounted on cardboard via the top margin on which are clearly visible glue traces, nevertheless this does not affect the plate. Published in Brussel ca 1680.

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