Verkolje, Nicolaas (1673-1746)

Portrait of Hugo van der Helst

Portrait of the preacher Hugo van der Helst (1657-1727), seated beside a table in his studio. He is holding a book in his hand while the other arm is resting on a table. On the left a bookcase with many volumes. Inscribed at the bottom: ‘HUGO VAN DER HELST / Eccl: Amsteladam:’ signed on the bottom left: ‘N. Verkolje f:’. Preparatory drawing at the Rijksmuseum RP-P-1911-182. Dating 1683-1746 (Rijksmuseum).

Mezzotint on paper with margins; plate mark: 240 x 202 mm, total 298 x 219 mm; state II/2 in outstanding conditions; Wurzbach 4, Nagler 4, Muller 2298, Van Someren M 2298.

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