Patent of nobility donated by Queen-widow-regent Emma (1858-1934), regent for Princess Wilhelmina (1880-1962), to Louis Christiaan van den Brandeler, captain of the general staff of the Netherlands Royal Army designated to the task of militaire verkenningen, being military reconaissance, entitling him to add the noble prefix of ‘jonkheer’ to his family name.

The Netherlands, The Hague, d.d. 8 March 1897. Large white washed vellum charter, 57×58 cm. Partly printed, partly handwritten in Dutch, with in the centre a hand painted coat-of-arms bearing the motto Qui non potest sperare desperet nihil. The charter bears the original signature of Queen Emma and the minister of Justice Van der Kaaij. Royal wax seal of Queen Wilhelmina is attached in a metal disc shaped case with two gold braided sashes. The charter and the wax seal are encased in a contemporary metal box. This rare patent of nobility was signed by Queen Emma on behalf of Queen Wilhelmina who would become of age in 1898. She reigned as a regent from 1890 to 1898. Therefore few of these patents of nobility which are signed by her exist. General-Major Louis Christiaan van den Brandeler (Haarlem 24 juni 1855 – Breda 23 februari 1911) ended his military career as governor of the Royal Military Academie in Breda from 1905 to 1911. Through his wife Christiana Petronella Greve (Haarlem 30 juni 1859 – Baarn 24 maart 1918) he owned the estate of Laauwik in Lent near Nijmegen. This estate was sold in 1919. He also owned estates in Velp and Wageningen. In 1910 he was asked to become minister of War in the government of Prime Minister Heemskerk, but he refused. H165

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