Patent of nobility donated by King William I of The Netherlands (1772-1843) to Jonkheer Theodorus van Herzeele (1781-1866), lawyer in The Hague (Den Haag) son of Jan Jacob van Herzeele and Rachel Haganaeus (Haganeus) entitling him to the title of Baron.

Kingdom of the Netherlands, Brussels, d.d. 30 March 1829. Vellum charter. 54×71 cm. Printed title, manuscript, calligraphic text in Dutch. One hand painted coat-of-arms in colour. With the signature of King William I of the Netherlands and of Van Lynden van Hemmen, C. Chais and Baron van Westreenen van Tielandt. Royal wax seal attached, in mint condition. Seal and charter connected with the blue and gold cord of the binding. The seal has no protective case. Theodorus Baron van Herzeele was born on 10 March 1781 as son of Jan Jacob van Herzeele and Rachel Haganaeus (Haganeus). His family originates from Amsterdam. He obtained his doctorate in Leiden on 13 December 1810. He was knight in the Order of the Dutch Lion (Nederlandse Leeuw) and a member of the knighthood of (Zuid-)Holland. He eventually became a counsil member (raadsheer) of the supreme court (Hoge Raad) and its predeccesors from 1815 to 1850. He bought and subsequently lived at the estate Marlot’ in the Hague, where he died on 22 November 1866. The family first obtained nobility in 1818 and were given the title of Baron in 1829. The family papers of Van Herzeele are present in several archives, amongst which are the archives of the city of Amsterdam. His grave in the Hague still bears the coat of arms as it was confirmed in 1829. H139

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