[Signatories: Es. van Glinstra; N. Ruysch.]

Pamphlet: untitled, Numismatic, Ducaton coin, Spanish Netherlands,1667] . De Staten Generael der Vereenighde Nederlanden, alsoo Wy in ervaringe komen dat by meenichte van buyten hier te Lande ingevoert ende onder de Gemeente uytgegeven werden seeckere Ducatons gheslagen inde Spaensche Nederlanden onder den datum vanden voorleden Jare 1666 […].

Ordinance of the Estates General prohibiting the use of currencies minted in the Southern Netherlands and other Spanish territories, as well as in the Principality of Liège, as means of payment. because of their inferior quality. Already circulating coins should be brought to the official mints where they will be purchased fot their silver value and then remelted.
The ordinance is illustrated by the images of both sides of recent ducatons from the Spanish Netherlands and from Liège. Dutch.

Issued in the city of The Hague on the 7th of July, 1667.
Wouw, Hillebrandt van. 1667, Den Haag.

h 400 x 320 mm, one sheet. Good condition. PAM091.

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