Rahms, Eberhard Cornelis (1823-1907); after Stoop, Dirk (1618-1686)

[Original Lithography/lithografie] ‘Het beleg en de moord te Oudewater’; Siege of Oudewater, 1575.

Siege of Oudewater by the Spanish troops under stadtholder Gillis van Berlaymont, Baron of Hierges, 8 August 1575, during the Eighty Years’ War. View of the surrounding area of Oudewater, with the troops, closing in on the city from all sides, killing men and women and setting fire to the city. In the lower right, an inscription: ‘OVDEWATER onder Philip II […] D Stoop f Trajectinus 1650’. Signed in the image, lower right: ‘E.C. Rahms f. 1859′. Below the city’s coat arms and the title: ‘Het beleg en de moord te Oudewater, door de Spanjaarden in 1575 naar de Originele Schilderij van D. Stoop. berustende in de Raadkamer van het Stadhuis te Oudewater.’ Signed: ‘E. C. Rahms del. fec. et lith. 1859’; ‘D. Stoop pinx.’

Lithograph on paper, without margins; plate mark: total: 445 x 673 mm; light foxing, frayed and torn at the paper’s edges, vertical centerfold. Muller 703.

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Excl. BTW  75,00