Damave, Poppe (1921-1988)

[Original etching] Two prints in a passepartout/Twee prenten van Pim van Eekelen in passepartout, before 1950.

Two etchings mounted on a passepartout, most likely by the former collector, Pim van Eekelen (Amsterdam 1923-1984), [L. 5101]. The pencil annotation on the verso and the marks from his collection confirm this assumption. One of the etchings has a long text on its verso which identifies it as a “herdenkingskaart” (remembrance card): “Bij de herdenking van mijn 12 1/2 jarig Priesterschop 30 November 1954 breng ik dank aan W die mij Uw goedheid hebt bewezen of aan wie ik enig goed mocht doen B.G. Stammeijer Secretaris v/h Bisdom”. Further a passage from the Bible. Father Stammeijer was active in the parish of Hoorn. On the front is a picture representing a bearded man standing on the left, about to write on the opened book before him. On the foreground to the right is an angel sitting on the ground with a cartouche on his lap. Some inscriptions above are not well readable, possibly due to the plate wear.
The other print shows a net with some fishes and men trapped in it.
Both plates are signed by the artist on the plate mark.

Etchings on paper; total: 86 x 67 mm; 122 x 89 mm; states unknown; in great condition; mounted on passepartout.

Incl. BTW  145,20

Excl. BTW  120,00

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