Laurent Verwey van Udenhout (1884-1913)

[Modern drawing and etchings] Portrait of a man with a moustache (a sketch and three impressions), ca. 1900.

A sheet with two sketches of a man with a mustache, seated on a deck chair, reading a newspaper. A half-length portrait on the top and a smaller up-to-the-shoulders portrait of the same man with another facial expression more to the bottom, within a box. On the bottom right is an inscription: ‘Schets (vooe een / ets) door / Laurent Verwey / 1884-1913’.

Three impressions of an etching representing the same man with the moustache, seated on a chair, turned towards the right. He is holding a cigarette in his left hand, whereas the other is resting on the armrest. Two different states, the latest is the impression in brown ink: the facial expression is slightly changed and the atmosphere is more dramatic thanks to the addition of a dark line, framing the scene. Signed within frame on the bottom left: ‘Laurent V. f.’.

Pen on paper; etching and some drypoint on China paper; sketch is on a folded sheet of paper, total: 175 x 111 mm; etching, early state in black, plate mark: 159 x 159 mm, total: 214 x 195, and second impression: 299 x 226 mm; later impression, different state in brown ink: 225 x 199 mm. In very good condition.

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