[Lithography, Lithografie, The Hague] Haagsche Maatschappij voor Kosthuizen, Kosthuis Assendelftstraat, Schaal 1 à 100, 1 p, published 19th century.

Lithography The Hague, Kosthuis Assendelftstraat. Total 370 x 550 mm. Some folds and creases on the edges, not affecting the illustration. Architect: J.J.C. De Wijs, published by S. Lankhout & Co, Den Haag.

Vincent van Gogh lodged at this Kosthuis, also called the boarding house Kosthuis No. 1. Assendelftstraat 16 was the property of the Haagse Maatschappij van Kosthuizen (The Hague Society of Boarding Houses), a private organisation that also ran soup kitchens in The Hague. The society was officially recognised on 31 August 1877 and existed for the purpose of “providing the working man with shelter and food for a moderate price in boarding houses, giving him the opportunity to spend his free time in a useful and pleasant manner, and promoting his moral development.” The building still exists today.

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