[Optica print, illumination] La Place du Marché de Francfort sur le Mein en Allemagne.

Daumont, Paris ca. 1750-1800 282 x 482 mm Etching/engraving/watercolour Prospectus Forensis Curiae Francofurti ad Maenum in Germania; 55e Vue d’Optique Representant; La Place du Marché de Francfort sur le Mein en Allemagne; A Paris chez Daumont rue St. Martin Pasted onto cardboard. The sides are painted black (for better illumination). Some stains and smudges are visible. Wear because of usage. Perforated holes.

An illuminated optical view depicting the market square of the German city of Frankfurt. Beautiful 17th century buildings surround the square. Illuminated by small holes and figures which are punched through the paper. At the back of the print we see that the holes are covered with see-through paper. This gives the illusion of lights when the print is held in front of a light source. OPT109

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