Septieme Plaïe d’Egypte (mirrored)

.., Augsbourg ca. 1750-1800 360 x 476 mm Etching/engraving/watercolour Collection des Prospects. Die Siebende Plage Aegÿptenland (…) 2 Buch Mose Cap. 9. V. 23. 24. 25. 26.; Septieme Plaïe d’Egypte (…) Exode Chap. IX. V. 23. 24. 25.26.; Se vend á Augsbourg au Negoce comun de l’Academie Imperiale d’Empire des Arts libereaux avec Privilege de Sa Majesté Imperiale et avec Defense ni d’en faire ni de vendre les Copies. The print is pasted onto cardboard and fixed to a carton passe-partout. Very small wormhole at the bottom of the print. Overall state good.

Hand coloured optical view of the seventh plague of Egypt. The plague of the hail. View of a city near a river. Lightning strikes while people and animals get hit by huge hailstones. In the distance we see a few buildings on fire. The surroundings are coloured in light pastel-like colours, while the clothes of the people are of more vibrant colours. Beautifully pasted onto a passe-partout. On the back a note is pasted which contains the Dutch translation of the text. On the edge of the passe-partout a handwritten note about the possible artist: Johann Georg Bergm

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