INDIE, BAARN, AUGUST JANSSEN, DE RIDDER— Zeer groot (55×35 cm.) en indrukwekkend album, in leer gebonden met monogram EdR en A.J. en de datum 24-26 August 1896 op voorplat, betreffende het huwelijk van August Janssen (1865-1918) en Ella de Ridder. Very big and impressive album, bound in leather with regard to the marriage of August Janssen and Ella de Ridder. August father Peter Willem Janssen. This father was director of the Deli company and was called ” Sumatra king”.

His son August followed his father in his footsteps. The pages are handmade and decorated with prints and calligraphy by Johan K. Koning in Amsterdam. The texts, party printed but mainly handwritten manuscripts, see to the marriage on 26 August 1896 in Frankfurt am Main of August Janssen from Amsterdam and Ella de Ridder, daughter of A. de Ridder from Frankfurt (grandparents Eduard Gustav and Elise Man). The biggist part is on the Polterabend on 24-8-1896 in Frankfurter Hof. Contributions of among others: Maria and Else Humser, Else and J. van den Honert (as Friese boer and boerin on photograph), Melly and Gustav de Ridder, Erl. Pohlmann, Rudolf Presber, Max Heinecken, dr. Roediger-Elink Schuurman, Sophie Andreae, Karl Buckler, Carl Rehbock (photo as Chinese), dr. A.W. Janssen, Caroline Rehbock-Janssen. Also small photographs of the wedding couple. In the text references to earlier ‘liefdes’/girlfirends of August Janssen: miss Van Oosterum te Lage Vuursche and Kaatje Boeschoten te ’s Graveland, but mainly his Indonesian connections. August’s father Peter Willem Janssen was among others Director of the Deli Maatschappij and was called ‘the Sumatra koning’/Sumatra King. His son August followed his footsteps with great succes and was founder of the NV My tot Exploitatie der Ver. Majang Landen in 1914 and many other Indonesian companies. After his death in 1918 his brother dr. C.W. Janssen became director and later his son P.W. Janssen. In one of the contributions the house to be build in Baarn is mentioned. In 1904 he inherited the famous villa
Canton of his father, which he rebuild in 1910. He also build a swimming pool in Baarn, donated to the municipality after his death. Baarn still has a Anton Janssen-weg/road. M13357


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